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When it comes to the pricing, at Cosmetiq Clinic we always make sure we charge the same amounts for the same service – irrespective of where you are visiting from or which nationality you are.

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  • Once you reach out to us through email or through our chatbot, we will provide you with all relevant information regarding the service sought for. Should you want to further discuss your problems with our doctors, we could even offer you an appointment for a video consultation.
  • Once we know about your requirements, our international client coordinator will be contacting you. She will assist you with your remaining doubts and in planning further.
  • You can avail information about other treatments like Ayurveda, Dental, Yoga or Physiotherapy, which are very popular in and around Trivandrum. You would be able to plan a complete health package or health plus holiday package well before starting your journey.
  • Our coordinator will help you in scheduling your visit, transportation, scheduling treatments, stay and travel packages.
  • Cosmetiq Clinic will help you with your visa processing, foreign exchange and insurance cover.
  • Our travel partners will keep you posted with the progress of your visa and your travel details.
  • We will make sure everything goes as planned.
  • Cosmetic Clinic is situated within half a mile from the Trivandrum airport international terminal. We will arrange your airport pick up if you have booked it prior to your journey.
  • The usual packages would include pick up on the day of arrival, consultation, treatment, stay at our facility or a resort and finally a holiday package before your return.
  • If you want to plan your journey and are concerned only about the treatment part, you can do it that way too.
  • We have our own facilities for your stay. Also we have tie ups with most of the deluxe resorts and hotels in Kovalam and Varkala.
  • You will be properly informed about your procedure, recovery time and the rest of the packages after your visit to the clinic.
  • During your consultation with Dr Bibilash Babu at Cosmetiq Clinic, he will be explaining you about the treatment options and the recovery time.
  • Our client coordinator will be helping you with the stay, transportation, recovery and holiday packages.
  • We have our own rooms available, or we can offer associated resorts and hotels where you can have a comfortable stay after getting discharged from the hospital.
  • Trivandrum is a premium holiday destination in south India with two famous beeches, Kovalam and Varkala, with very good resorts and hotels around.
  • Kovalam is just 20 minutes’ drive from Cosmetiq Clinic and Varkala is a one hour drive from here.
  • We also have good 5 star hotels and resorts with ayurvedic and panchkarma treatments, dental clinics and spas around.
  • The breeches, back waters, hill stations, tea estates, palaces and historical monuments of the capital city of Kerala attract a considerable number of tourists annually. The tourist season here start from November and lasts till March of every year.

Cost of Treatment

We always keep the pricing transparent so that you can plan your treatment well in advance. We also give considerable discounts to the second and third procedures when you consider doing multiple procedures under the same anaesthesia.

We are always committed in providing the best possible results. The costs given below include a full package including your initial investigations, full operation charges, room charges, pressure garments, suture removal and two follow-up visits after the surgery. We accept all major international credit cards.

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Surgery Booking Charge


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