Procedures: Skin

The skin care at Cosmetiq Clinic covers medical treatment of skin problems and non-surgical anti-ageing treatments. Consult our cosmetic dermatologist who can help you with acne scars, age spots, skin damage and many other skin problems. We also offer top notch chemical peels, laser treatment and microdermabrasion to brighten your skin and treat minor facial flaws.
We do minimally invasive skin lift treatments that yield excellent results in selected clients. These include threads, dermal fillers (Liquid Facelift) and neurotoxins to smoothen out the wrinkles and lift facial features to get a toned, more rested look. Fillers for lip augmentation and nonsurgical rhinoplasty are impressive alternatives for clients who are afraid of going under the knife.
Unwanted hair removal in any part of the body (excluding eyelids and surrounding areas) with lasers is in high demand. Laser targets the hair roots, which are gradually destroyed with a few sittings. The color of the hair and the skin type influence the success rate of laser hair removal.

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Mole Excision

Mole Excision A mole/ naevus is a benign localized overgrowth of melanin-forming cells arising in…
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Cryolipolysis Cryolipolysis, also popularly known as cool sculpting, is a popular non-surgical method of fat…
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