Markup with pencil on eyebrows of young woman while permanent make up.

“Your brows introduce you before you speak”

The shape and position of the eye brows has a huge effect on a person’s look. It can make you look sad, surprised or even give you a flat look. Having beautifully shaped eye brows adds to the upper facial beauty.

When procedures like microblading and hair transplantation give the shape and density to the eyebrows, fillers, neuromodulators and threads help to find a balance and give an optimal position to the eyebrows. Sometimes surgeries like brow lifts or forehead lifts are needed to correct droopy eyebrows.





Microblading is a more sophisticated way of tattooing the eyebrows. During this procedure the surgeon uses specialized pens to draw lines to simulate the normal anatomical eyebrows. It gives a very natural-looking, sculpted eyebrow when done artistically. Usually one session of tattooing stays for more than two years and may then need a touch-up after that period.

Brow lift or forehead lift

A brow lift or forehead lift is an aesthetic surgery procedure done to correct the shape and position of the eyebrows. As we age, our eyebrows start drooping and eye lid skin sags. Two of these together with periorbital fat loss are the main reasons for periorbital aging. A brow lift is usually combined with other procedures like upper lid blepharoplasty, fat grafting face and facelifts. It can also be performed as a separate procedure when it is the only concern for the client.

Thread lift

A thread lift is an office procedure that can give an eyebrow lift, which lasts for approximately 2 years. In this procedure, threads are passed from the forehead to catch the eyebrows from inside and fix it at a desired higher level. It is advisable in younger clients who do not have much drooping and who wants to know how they will look after a brow lift procedure.


Neuromodulators are useful when the lateral eyebrows are in a lower position and when rest of the eyebrow haven’t drooped much. Neuromodulators are helpful in younger clients especially. The only issue is that the effects are temporary and may have to be done again in future. It can be combined with injections for forehead lines or frowning lines.

Fillers for eyebrows and forehead

It is useful when clients want to correct the hollowing, bone resorption or fat loss of the forehead. Fillers can correct these depressions and make those areas smoother and the eyebrow projection could be improved with that. Deep wrinkles can also be filled up to an extent using dermal fillers.

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