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Full cheeks are a sign of youth. As we get older, cheek fat tends to decent and cheeks will have a deflated appearance. Two common methods for cheek augmentation are filling or implantation. Filling can be done with fat grafting or dermal fillers. Sometimes people do not like their lower face having a round or square shape. These people should consider cheek fat removal.

Cheek augmentation with filler

A proper face analysis is mandatory before deciding on any cheek augmentation. After your consultation with Dr Bibilash Babu, facial proportions and the ogee curves are assessed, and an apt treatment plan is put together. In a young patient who desires minimal correction of the cheeks, dermal fillers will be the ideal choice. Hyaluronic acid fillers are most used for this purpose.

Cheek Augmentation with fat

Clients, who are looking for a cheek augmentation at a later age or with a considerable volume loss and negative vectors, will benefit more with a fat grafting than dermal filler alone. Our own body fat is used for filling those areas. Cheek fat grafting is often combined with tear trough fat grafting and lid-cheek blending. Fat grafting could be performed under local anaesthesia.

Cheek Augmentation with implant

Cheek implants are suitable for a larger and stable volume enhancement. Fillers can be done as an outpatient procedure in the operating room. Cheek implants are done by surgery under local or general anaesthesia procedure in the operating room. Both fat grafting and cheek implants are performed as a day care surgery procedure, in which the client get discharged on the same day.

Cheek Reduction

Cheek fat removal is a surgical procedure usually done under local anaesthesia in the operating room. This is an ideal surgical procedure for clients who are looking for an oval or V-shaped lower face or jawline. The surgery is performed through the oral cavity and therefore there won’t be any scars on the face afterwards. It is a day care surgery and you will be discharged on the same day.

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