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More males undergo plastic surgery than in the olden days. There are various makeover surgeries in which multiple procedures are combined to give them a more confident look. The type of surgeries to be combined; it all depends on the client’s problems and priorities. By combining these procedures, clients will be able to save both time and money. The recovery periods will overlap and they will only need anaesthesia once. The usual surgeries combined are:chest reshaping, abdomen liposuction, six pack surgery, nose job, eye lid bag removal, chin augmentation, chin liposuction and hair transplantation.

Chest reshaping

Male chest enlargement could be a major embarrassment to many youngsters and young adults especially when they they are supposed to remove their shirts. This could be corrected with a liposuction alone (preferably using VASER Liposuction) or combining liposuction with a surgical gland removal (Webster procedure).

Abdominal liposuction

The stubborn fat in the abdomen thatdoesn’t respond to any sort of exercise can be safely removed by liposuction. It can be localized liposuction to shape those areas or a circumferential 360-degree liposuction to achieve a good hip and torso shape.

Six pack creation

You need to have a good amount of patience and commitment to build and maintain the perfect-looking six pack abs. We have come across many clients who have given up trying to achieve it after spending long hours in gym. And this is where the plastic surgeon comes in. We help them to reach that ideal body shape goal – either by removing some fat to make the muscle cuts more visible or by reshaping the fat to augment the appearance. Either way, a committed client could maintain that shape for many years.

Hair transplantation

A small volume hair transplant can also be combined with other procedures. Beard, mustache or eyebrow transplants are often combined with other makeover surgeries.

Nose job

The nose plays a major role in the aesthetics of the face. Since the nose has a pivotal role in the symmetry and proportions of a face, people often put too much emphasis on nasal aesthetics. A successful rhinoplasty or nose job can make a huge difference to one’s facial profile.

Eye lid bag removal

It can be an upper lid or lower lid bag removal with or without fat grafting to the tear trough and cheeks. Periorbital rejuvenation can help to improve the face profile by removing the sad and tired facial appearance.

Chin augmentation

The height and projection of the chin plays a major role in facial proportions. The problems can be a combination of height and projection or one of these. The ideal measurements depend on the rest of the face dimensions. There are different surgical and non-surgical options to treat the chin, like chin implants, chin fat grafting, bone surgeries and dermal fillers.

Double chin correction

It is difficult to get rid of a double chin in some clients with exercise and dieting. But the good news is that there are surgical and less invasive methods for correcting the double chin. The most effective treatment is a liposuction. In clients who don’t want to go under the knife, the other effective alternative is injection lipolysis. In this procedure deoxycholic acid is injected into the chin fat in multiple numerous spots. This will lyse some amounts of fat and the dead fat cells are absorbed by the body.

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