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Hourglass shaping is a procedure where a client’s body is gets the desired curves by removing fat or adding fat. If you are finding it difficult to burn fat in your hips or tummy area, you should consider hourglass shaping. The procedures are planned after proper discussion with the client, helping him/her to make the best surgical plan. Most of the times a 360-degree liposuction is needed, using VASER and adding some fat to the hip dips.

Most of our clients for hourglass shaping can maintain their figure except if they prefer some items of clothing like a lower tummy, love handles or the hip dips. But now a day surgery can give you the best shape you’ve always wanted. The shapes could be maintained for many years if combined with a reasonably good diet and exercise.


It’s a day surgery and clients get discharged on the same date. The procedure can be performed under general anaesthesia or IV sedation. The procedure usually starts with the back liposuction followed by the love handles and then the tummy. The client needs to use our customized pressure garment for one month. You could see the initial results when the dressing is done on the first post-operative day. Most clients, however, need to wait for three months.

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