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“My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected….” Anna M. Uhlich

Eyes have a very important role on the face. A person’s emotions are expressed mainly through his eyes. Even a minor change to in and around the eyes can make a tremendous change in the expressiveness of the face. Your friends or colleagues may find your face sad or tired if you have sunken eyes, under eye hollowing or eyelid bags.

There are different office-based treatments and surgeries available for rejuvenating the eyes. The type of treatment depends on what kind of problem the client has. Dark circles can be treated effectively by creams or chemical peels. A mild under eye hollowing or an early tear trough can be treated with hyaluronic acid filler, which is a minor 15-minute office procedure. The best treatment for major hollowing or a grade 2 and 3 tear trough is fat grafting or a mega session of fillers. The skin bags in the upper or lower eyelid must be removed surgically followed by fat grafting if required. Most of the times clients need a combination of these treatments to get the best results.












Upper lid blepharoplasty

Upper lid blepharoplasty is the treatment for the droopy upper eye lids. During this surgery the excess upper lid skin is removed. The scars are hidden inside the eye lid creases so that there won’t be any scars. Fat grafting is combined along with this to make the curves smooth and to fill the hollows to give a natural look. Eyes always look rejuvenated and younger after an upper lid blepharoplasty.

Lower lid blepharoplasty

Lower lid blepharoplasty is a surgery done for under eye bags. The under eye fat bags are removed through small incisions in the conjunctiva and there won’t be any scars on the skin. It is usually followed by fat grafting to leave a uniform ogee curve in the cheeks for a more natural look. This method of fat grafting is called lid cheek blending. For a lower grade of hollowing under the eyes without prominent bags, good aesthetic results can be achieved my fat grafting alone.

Eye bag removal

Eye bag removal is the removal of the lower lid bags through a hidden scar inside the eye lids. The procedure is similar to upper and lower lid blepharoplasty.

Double Eye Lashes

Double eyelashes can be achieved by hair transplantation procedures. People who experience loss of eyelashes through injury or hair pulling usually find that an eye lash extension procedure is the cure. This gives them attractive and growing eyelashes.

Periorbital aging

Periorbital aging changes can be reversed after correctly identifying the causes. A proper upper facial analysis can determine the underlying cause for the tired or sad look. It can be under eye hollowing, upper or lower lid bags, saggy skin or droopy eyebrows. The problems can be addressed by a combination of surgical and nonsurgical treatment modalities.

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