Breast Reduction

Doctor hand measurement woman breast with caliper. breast implant surgery concept.

Breast Reduction

Oversized breasts are a source psychological and physical problems. It often prevents ladies from wearing outfits of their choice. Because of the psychological issues they sometimes stay away from some activities of their choice like sports, dancing and some jobs. The physical problems usually are back, neck and shoulder pain.

Breast reduction surgery is procedure to reduce the size of the breasts and to give it a lift to place the nipple areolar complex to a higher position. People often get confused with Breast lift and Breast reduction. Breast lift gives only lift but reduction can give a lift along with a reduction. To read more about the breast lift please go through the Breast Lift session.

Treatment Methods

There are different methods to reduce the breast size and lift it. The methods are selected according ton the quality of the skin cover and the volume to be reduced.







Breast liposuction

It is a less commonly done procedure in which a small volume liposuction to selected areas of breast is done. It’s considered in relatively younger clients with a thick and elastic skin cover so that the skin retracts without much sag. Liposuction is mot often combined along with the below mentioned techniques for certain regions especially, the lateral and infraaxillary regions of the breast.

Vertical reduction

This is one of the most done technique for breast reduction nowadays. The horizontal scar in inverted T technique will not be there in this technique. This technique is versatile one in which the skin resection patterns could be changed as the surgery goes on.

Inverted-T reduction

This technique is good for any sized breasts and it follows a common pattern. So, it can give consistent results. There would be a horizontal scar in the infra mammary fold a vertical scar below the areola. Nowadays this technique is more used for reduction of large sized breasts.

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