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Non-invasive body contouring is a rapidly growing area in Cosmetology. Body sculpting methods are multiple, ranging from the least invasive nonsurgical fat removal methods like Cryolipolysis to VASER 360 Degree high definition liposuction and tummy tuck. A proper physical examination followed by a tailor-made plan is the key to perfect sculpting. Removal of fat by cryolipolysis or injection lipolysis or liposuction is a less invasive way of sculpting the body. Sometimes the addition of fat will fill the areas and give good curves. When clients are looking for major transformations, a combination of area specific major and minor techniques in a systematic manner will yield the best results.

Non-surgical methods, likecryoliposuctionand injection lipolysis can give good results in selected clients. Cryolipolysis is a promising technique that involves freezing the fat cells, which are then gradually destroyed naturally in the body. This fat-dissolving method is fast, easy, involves minimal risks to the client and allows return to your normal life the very same day. Injection lipolysis is very good for areas like the chin.

Surgical procedures include liposuction (360deg), excess skin removal, and upper arm, bottom and thigh lifts.Liposuction remains the most sought-after technique for its remarkable results. We are equipped with VASER and Microaire, which are the upcoming and revolutionary techniques in liposuction that gives you smoother curves, unlike the bumpiness seen with traditional liposuction. We have board-certified doctors who can decide what will work the best for you according to your physical and lifestyle factors.

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