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Almost all of us are concerned about our facial beauty. We communicate with our facial expressions and the appearance of our face shows others whether we are happy, sad, angry or tired. As we age or when we are tired after long hours of working, our faces may give a false appearance. For example, someone may think you are sad, when you’re really not. You may even appear older compared to your actual age. Problems with a face can be due to aging, trauma, sun damage, congenital or other acquired reasons. All these problems could be corrected completely or partially by an effective combination of cosmetic, medical and surgical treatment modalities performed by a specialized team of doctors.

Facial aging often occurs only in specific areas of the face. The treatment will then be targeted only to that particular region. When the entire face shows aging, the treatment will be directed towards the three zones of the face. The upper face ages by wrinkling, the mid face by deflation and the lower face ages by sagging. Each of these problems is addressed in a systematic way. For each area, the treatment options vary according to the severity of the condition. In the upper face, when minimal wrinkling is treated with neurotoxins, severe problems are dealt with by using combination of neurotoxins and surgeries. The early deflation of the mid face can be treated by fillers and severe conditions can be treated by fat grafting and mid facelifts.The lower face and neck could be treated initially by skin tightening measures and liposuction. In advanced stages, it’s better to go for a facelift or a neck lift. The decision regarding facial treatment always startswith a proper face analysis. Our expert teams of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology doctors under Dr Bibilash Babu’s leadership are really experts on both non-surgical and surgical treatments of the face.

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