10 Questions To Ask Before Starting your Hair Transplantation Surgery

Dr. Bibilash Babu

Plastic And Cosmetic Surgeon

We are our most confident selves when we know we look good. Hair is one of the most important components of how we perceive ourselves. Often how your hair looks can make the day good or bad. However, not everyone has the best-looking hair naturally. There might be insecurities related to how thin or short the hair is. 

Not to worry! There is a multitude of solutions available for your hair concerns. One of the most common among them is hair transplantation surgery. It is a technique wherein balding parts are covered with hair follicles from other parts of the body. However, before deciding to do the surgery you would need to know a few basic things about the surgery and how it works. This will help you make informed decisions for yourself.


 So, here is a list of 10 questions that you need to ask your doctor before hair transplantation:


  1. Would I be a good candidate for hair transplantation?

This should be the first thing you need to ask your surgeon. Be honest about all your existing conditions; be it diabetes or skin allergy. If you are a person who has a good donor site behind your head you have a higher chance of getting good results. Along with this, your expectations from the surgery should match the hair follicles, then you are a good candidate for the surgery. The doctor would also be able to give you predictions on the results based on the available hair follicles and suggest alternatives if necessary. The alternatives would be based on your frontal hairline,  the density of hair, and the area to which transplantation needs to be done. 


  1. Is your surgeon qualified to do the procedure?

You may feel that all surgeons would be qualified to do the hair transplantation surgery. You should always consult a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon for hair transplantation surgery. But, it is necessary to verify their credibility. Ask your surgeon if they have the necessary license and educational qualifications to do the procedure. Ascertain that they are associated and practicing under the professional medical bodies of the country. You may also check the reviews of their previous patients online.


  1. What preparations are needed to be done before surgery?

Depending on your health status and the type of surgery required you may have to do pre-operative preparations. The kind of preparation needed can be determined through a pre-operative assessment by the doctor. You need to discuss with the doctor your morbid or co-morbid conditions. If you have conditions like hypertension or diabetes they need to be under control before the surgery. Ask your surgeon if those preparations are necessary for you. Determine if you would need to take any preparations at their office or if it’s something simple that can be done at home. If necessary you may have to adjust your work or personal meetings according to the time required for such preparations.


  1. What exactly will happen during the surgery?

Feel free to ask your doctor what will happen during the surgery. Depending on individual cases the surgeon may choose to do various procedures. On the morning of the surgery, you can have your breakfast and reach the surgeon’s office. The surgery will be done under local anesthesia. It is a relatively painless procedure. In the first part of the surgery, the surgeon would harvest the grafts necessary for the transplantation from the donor site. It would be done within 2 hours. After this, you will be allowed to take a meal after which the recipient area will be prepared in about 45 minutes. Following this, the transplantation will happen and will take 3- 4 hours for about 3000 grafts. An injection PRP will be administered. Following the whole procedure, you will be allowed to leave the hospital with your medicines. Clarify with your surgeon how long and how many sessions your surgery is going to take. Be aware of the medicines that would be used during the procedure. Discuss with the doctor the possible side effects of the medicines you will be having.


  1. How long will be the downtime?

After the surgery proper rest is required to heal. The doctor will let you know how long you will need to take a rest. Generally, it will take 6-7 days for the wounds to heal. During this time you should avoid going out and getting exposed to any contamination. Do avoid rigorous activity during this period. The doctor will also clarify if this can be done at home or if you will need to be admitted to the hospital and kept under observation. The results would be visible between 3-4 months for results to start coming and the best results can be viewed after around one year of transplantation.


  1. Which type of hair transplant would be suitable for me?

There are two main types of hair transplantation methods: Follicular Unit Extraction [FUE] and Follicular Unit Transplantation [FUT]. FUE is the kind of surgery wherein hair follicles are removed and then transplanted. In FUT, a hair strip is removed for transplantation. Do your research well after which ask your doctor specific doubts that may arise on which option will be suitable for your needs and the time you have.


  1. What are the expected results and how long will it take?

Be clear on what your expectations are from the transplant surgery. Consult your doctor and understand if they are realistic or plausible. Be open to suggestions from the doctor on what all procedures can be done to meet your expectations. Also, clarify how long it will take to see results after the surgery. To keep your expectations realistic, discuss with your doctor the possible hair growth after the surgery.


  1. Will I need a second surgery?

Thinning of hair is a natural process. This would mean that you might need a second surgery based on your specific needs. This may be due to various reasons. Verify with the doctor if you will need such a second surgery or not. This will help you to be better prepared in case a second surgery is needed.You may also consider taking post-surgery treatments after your first surgery to better maintain your hair growth and density.Procedure like micro pigmentation can help in this.


  1. What are the costs involved?

Hair transplant costs would differ based on the grafts required, location, the kind of surgery done, the experience of the doctor, etc. Second transplantations may be more expensive due to the difficulties involved. Take an approximate quotation of the kind of surgery and treatments you would need from the doctor. You may compare the prices with a few other doctors before finalizing which doctor to consult for the final surgery. Based on the grafts the costs for the surgery at our clinic can be between 60,000 to 1 lakh rupees.


  1. What kind of post-surgery care is offered by the doctor and the organization?

Since this is a surgery you will need post-surgery treatment or care as well. Discuss with your doctor what all services are available, their prices, and the ones that you might need to take post your surgery.You will receive a PRP injection on the day of the surgery and after 21 days of surgery.

 At cosmetic we give post-surgery care in terms of sprays and medication as part of the transplantation surgery package. There would be a follow-up visit on the 3,10 and 21 days after the surgery to check the status of the scalp. These follow-ups are which are free of charge and can be done virtually also if the client goes out of town after the surgery.


 Choose The  Best Hair Transplantation Services At Cosmetiq Clinic


Do your research and approach the doctors with all your doubts. Evaluate the pros and cons and decide if you want to move ahead with hair transplantation surgery.

We at Cosmetiq Clinic have trained medical specialists who can assist you throughout the procedure. Contact us to help you choose the best services for you!



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