A basic guide to choosing the ideal type of Hair Transplant

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Improving your body aesthetics is a priority to most of us. A sense of confidence and positivity fills you if your overall look compliments you. Cosmetic clinics have made a major contribution in helping you find the best for your body. There might be a lot of concerns when it comes to achieving a toned body, face, or an attractive hairline.

One of such issues is major hair loss. Hair loss can occur due to a wide range of reasons. For some, it might be due to hereditary factors while for others a stressful lifestyle might have gradually resulted in hair thinning and baldness. However, today with the advancement in technology, you can find effective solutions to deal with the menacing problem of hair loss.

There are numerous options to address your hair loss issue. But, understanding the root cause will help you better in finding a feasible and efficient choice. A hair transplant surgery is a recommended possibility for hair loss.

In this method, your hair will be removed surgically and replaced with good & healthy hair which completes your natural look. Hair transplant has become a common resolve for most people due to the widespread availability of cosmic clinics and expert surgeons. Yet, finding the best center is always of great concern.

If you are planning to fix your hair loss problem through a hair transplant, here’s a complete guide with all that you need to know about hair transplant surgery!

How to decide on the type of hair transplant?

Different types of hair transplants are available today based on your needs and requirements. Generally, you can opt for surgical or OPD methods for hair recovery. Each method has its benefits and pre-requisites. It’s extremely important to ensure that you’ve weighed your options along with a cosmetic expert before taking the final call.

Under surgical methods, there is FUE and FUT whereas PRP is an OPD procedure to deal with hair loss and promote healthy hair regrowth. All of these methods are effective and beneficial in hair regeneration without much complexity. Moreover, they promise to make your hair look natural, glossy, and thick.

Before deciding on what type of hair transplant you need to undergo, here are some of the factors that you can consider:

  • The medical condition that you suffer
  • Area of hair thinning
  • The average cost that you can endure
  • Type of your hair loss progression
  • Final desired hairline design
  • Your expectations from the hair transplant procedure


The above-stated factors don’t form an exhaustive list of things to consider before a hair transplant. You can get insightful details with an elaborate discussion with your doctor at accredited cosmetic clinics.

What are the differences between FUE and FUT?

Usually, surgical hair transplants are more efficient and fetch long-lasting results. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are two major surgical procedures in hair transplant. Let’s look at each of them in detail and how they differ from each other.

In the FUE method, hair follicular units are extracted randomly from the area with lesser hair thinning. These extracted follicles become the donor grafts. This method is not much invasive on the scalp as harvesting of follicles is done through minimal incisions.

After extraction, the grafts are neatly placed on the balding regions with moderate cleansing of the harvested grafts. Soon, the donor grafts will merge with the nearby tissues, and hair growth is promoted.

FUT involves the removal of a strip of tissue from the back of your scalp. Further, the required hair follicles are extracted from the thin strip and then transplanted to the balding regions. The wound at the back of the scalp is closed, making a small scar.

FUE provides you with high-quality donor grafts while resulting in only minimal scars. Also, the recovery period is very short and brings natural & long-lasting hair. Meanwhile, in FUT, there is considerable time for recovery. But, there won’t be any further scars on the scalp. In a nutshell, both methods are highly useful, given whatever conditions you prefer to be in.


Comparing FUE and FUT with PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) is an OPD technique as mentioned earlier. It is more like a medical treatment that follows a step-by-step procedure. The main objective is to draw your blood, process it for appropriate composition, and inject it into the scalp.

It has been observed that such blood infusions can improve blood supply to the hair and thus, initiate hair growth. PRP has been an on-demand treatment since the 1980s. Mostly, blood is drawn from your arm and the collected sample will be centrifuged. Later the platelet-rich plasma will be injected into the required regions of your scalp.

Comparing FUE and PRP methods, you will observe that PRP has a shorter period of recovery but will be successful over multiple infusions only. But, FUE is more effective and has a better rate of success. Often, young people and women might find PRP more helpful because it might be too early to perform FUE due to the diffuse nature of hair loss.

Between PRP and FUT, FUT is the much-preferred type for individuals with longer hair. Also, FUT tends to cover more regions of the scalp easily and at more affordable rates.


Avail The Best Hair Transplant From Cosmetiq Clinic

Your decision to undergo transplant surgery should be based on a thorough evaluation in consultation with a medical expert. At Cosmetiq Clinic, you will find several medical experts who can help you with spot-on assistance. Contact us today to learn more about hair transplants and flaunt your tresses with joy!


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