5 Things To Avoid Right After Your Hair Transplantation

Dr. Bibilash Babu

Plastic And Cosmetic Surgeon

Suppose you’ve recently gotten a hair transplantation procedure or are interested in getting one; it’s wise to be aware of everything you should avoid post-surgery. With apt aftercare and avoiding certain activities, you will not only be sure that all treatment reaps the best results, but it can also help you prevent any problems that you could encounter during the healing process. Here are five common mistakes most people make that you should avoid for maximum results and lasting hair restoration.


1.  Not Giving Your Scalp Time to Heal

Most people will experience some irritation or discomfort after their surgery. It is primarily because the new grafts can sometimes cause inflammatory reactions such as itching or soreness. But, you mustn’t pick on your scabs and let your scalp heal naturally. Tugging on it or scratching your head can worsen the inflammation. It can make the grafts fall off, rendering your treatment unsuccessful. Moreover, it can also make you more prone to post-surgical infections. 

Further, do not wash your hair and scalp for at least 48 hours after the treatment. While you can wash your scalp after 72 hours, you must ensure that you’re gentle. Do not use harsh chemical-based shampoos to prevent irritation. Use the baby shampoo prescribed, and follow their directions to the tee to ensure the safety of your grafts. Remember, your wounds are still healing, and you must treat yourself kindly.


2. Consuming Alcohol Or Nicotine-Based Products


Your doctor would have already informed you that you must avoid drinking or smoking post-surgery. But if you’re still unsure about its reasoning, here’s why. Alcohol can act as a blood thinner resulting in excessive bleeding post-surgery requiring critical care. Not only will this increase your healing period, but it can also result in complications compromising the integrity of your treatment. 

Nicotine, on the other hand, can narrow your blood vessels. It reduces blood flow throughout the body, prolonging your quick recovery. It will disrupt the blood supply to your implanted hair follicles. Such a situation prevents your implants from taking and even falling off. Avoid nicotine and alcohol for at least a month to ensure swift recovery. 


3. Avoiding Rest After Treatment


Although a hair restoration treatment is not as invasive, you must remember that your body needs time to heal. In these cases, you cannot expect to perform all your daily chores and start exercising immediately. It will result in additional stress on your body and delay healing. Additionally, it can elevate your blood pressure preventing effective recovery.

Daily activities can be resumed from the next day of the transplant, however, it is advised that you refrain from going outdoors for the first three days. Avoid any exposure to heat, dirt, pollution, winds and excessive sweating for the first two weeks to prevent any infection. 

Further, while resting, be sure to sleep or position yourself the right way. Keep your head upright or elevated for at least seven days post-treatment. Doing this prevents swelling from developing on your scalp after implantation. While mild swelling is expected, continue to keep your head elevated. You could try to sleep on a recliner or prop yourself on a bed using pillows while sleeping. It will help you stay comfortable while lying for an excellent night’s rest. 


4. Neglecting Your Nutrition


Food and water are essential for every living being. But when healing from surgery, you must pay extra attention to your diet. Try eating foods packed with nutrients to help your body heal faster. Consider taking supplements rich in vitamins and minerals. Further, increase your protein intake and drink plenty of water for quicker healing. 

Another crucial aspect of recovery is medication. Be sure to take your medicines as prescribed by the doctor. If your pills need to be taken post-food, eat a hearty meal before. Avoiding your medication can result in discomfort and uneasiness in the postoperative period. Thus, ensure that you’re paying attention to your diet and pills post surgery for faster healing. 


5. Keep The Grafts Moist


Always remember to use the saline solution provided over the operated region to keep the grafts moist. Do not let them dry out. Spraying your head with the saline solution will help you ensure that the grafts survive well, thereby rendering the treatment a success.


Be Mindful With Your Aftercare Post Hair Transplantation

Any treatment’s success depends on pre-care and effective aftercare. Each body is unique and heals at its own pace. By avoiding inevitable mistakes and enforcing healthy habits, you can boost recovery. Be sure to look after yourself to see the desired results. Do not touch the grafts for the first two weeks and give them ample time to grow. Moreover, remember to be patient; full results can be seen only after a duration of six to eight months. 


We at Cosmetiq Clinic will not only give you the best treatment for effective hair restoration. Our trained experts will also equip you with all the knowledge required for a speedy recovery. We will ensure that you have a seamless experience with all the suitable measures.


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