Cosmetiq Clinic: Who Are We? And What Do We Do?

Dr. Bibilash Babu

Plastic And Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetiq Clinic, Thiruvananthapuram was started around three years ago on 21st October 2018. Our vision was to create a one-stop destination for all your aesthetic needs. We aim to make safe, affordable and ethical cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments accessible to everyone who desires them.


However, our journey wasn’t as easy as it sounds to be. Through the years, we faced multiple challenges and worked endlessly to rise above them. The first challenge we faced was establishing an aesthetic clinic that would adhere to the new business model similar to that followed by daycare surgery clinics in Europe and the US. 


The second challenge was to get clients to walk into a new facility that isn’t a multi-specialty hospital for major surgeries. The concept of daycare surgeries was still grey for the people of Kerala. To tackle this, we decided to proceed with 100% digital marketing strategies. Our primary vertical was giving the best results to gain our clients’ confidence. By doing this, we were able to win our clientele’s trust and support through positive feedback and reviews.


When we first started, we had only 5 employees working under us. With time, we’ve grown to overcome all the challenges thrown at our path. We are, currently, a company with 22 members who’ve proved their worth and stood with us for years. 


Over the due course of time, our endless toil paid off when we were commemorated with 2 awards in the past 3 years. The first one was for the clinic’s commendable branding and marketing strategies, while the second one was from Report TV to acknowledge our excellence in the field of cosmetic surgery, 2020-21. During our journey, 1 ½ year back we had a great opportunity to join BNI Majestic Trivandrum chapter. It really helped us to fine tune our business model, improve our sales and helped a lot to start new branches.


Every time we look back to the last three years, we realise how much we have grown. We’ve successfully emerged as the most trusted organization in our domain and area of expertise. We’ve performed over 900 aesthetic procedures and cosmetic surgeries in the span. We are among the best-reviewed aesthetic clinic in Kerala. We also have one of the highest follower counts on our social media platforms.


Our practice at Cosmetiq Clinic, Thiruvananthapuram is client-centric as we strive to give them what they want. We provide our undivided attention to understanding your cosmetic goals. It helps us in tailoring a personalized treatment plan to produce the results you desire. We strongly believe that as far as aesthetic correction is concerned, such a degree of perfection is incontrovertible. It requires a well-balanced blend of non-surgical procedures and surgery that must be performed with utmost precision.


We, at Cosmetiq Clinic, offer you state of the art technology with top-notch quality in safety. Our strict adherence to medical standards ensures a low infection rate. Our spacious facility also boasts well-trained medical professionals. These experts are at your beck and call, making all aesthetic procedures a walk in the park for you. Thank you BNI for helping us to spread our wings.



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