What Happens After Gynaecomastia Surgery? Know The Different Types Of Surgery

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Worried about getting over with Gynaecomastia surgery? Having hormonal variations and sustained imbalances in your body is quite natural. The technology available today is considerably advanced. It offers a whole range of remedial measures extensively within the medical domain. For your convenience, cosmetic surgeries are accessible with a thorough background check and a good level of awareness.


Gynaecomastia is one such common issue of hormonal imbalance where men suffer from swelling breast tissue. Usually, it gets resolved gradually in boys who just hit puberty. However, if it sustains further, surgery is the most advised option before you. But, there’s so much unawareness around the surgery methodology and expenses about the surgery. Sometimes, people stay hesitant fearing the amount of rest required once the surgery is done. 


Another main reason that holds back people from Gynaecomastia surgery is the very thought of undergoing a major surgery itself. Along with such concern, people are often worried about the costs they might incur upon surgery. Yet, the number of men who seek this medical option is increasing day by day.


Now, all of the above concerns can be addressed if you’re aware of how the surgery is done and how you need to take care of yourself after undergoing the surgery. So, here’s a quick and effective guide about Gynaecomastia surgery!


Types of Gynaecomastia: How is Gynaecomastia surgery done?

Every cosmetic surgery necessitates complete information about the patient’s condition. Only then, the results acquired will have a long-lasting impact. Gynaecomastia surgery is no different. The type of Gynaecomastia surgery that a person undergoes is based on the grade of problem that they suffer.


Basically, there are 3 grades for Gynaecomastia causes. This categorization for the different types of Gynaecomastia is known as the Simon classification. The surgery is recommended on the basis of these different conditions. They are as follows:


  1. Simon grade 1: Involves a mild enlargement of the chest without much skin excess or overhangs over the chest. 
  2. Simon grade 2A: This is a moderate enlargement of the gland without skin excess.
  3. Simon grade 2B: This has a moderate-sized gland with considerable skin excess.
  4. Simon grade 3: It has large glands with considerable skin excess.


Usually, Simon 1 Gynaecomastia doesn’t require any treatment. Meanwhile, Type Simon 2 can be treated only through liposuction, given there aren’t many glandular elements involved. A specialized surgeon will perform the surgery using advanced medical techniques.


Simon 2B Gynaecomastia can be treated with a combined medical tool, known as the Webster procedure. It involves liposuction technique as well as gland removal procedures. In the Webster procedure, after the liposuction procedure, the glandular tissue is isolated and removed through a peri-areolar incision. 


Patients with Simon 3 type of Gynaecomastia may need skin removal along with gland and fat removal. The skin removal method can be peri-areolar or elliptical in nature. Usually, liposuction is performed using an axillary port in a cosmetic clinic to avoid an extra scar on the chest. Also, the gland is accessed through a lateral peri-areolar incision so that we can avoid having a scar in the lower end. Otherwise, it might lead to the puckering of the skin and extended visibility of the scar.


The ideal liposuction method for Gynaecomastia is ultrasonic-assisted liposuction, which involves the use of a technology called Vaser. The advantage of the Vaser technique over the conventional liposuction method is that it helps to remove the fat that is entangled within the glandular tissue. Also, it helps in attaining an extra skin retraction by providing energy to the underlying tissues in the skin during a Vaser surgery.


What is the cost involved in Gynaecomastia surgery?

Cosmetic surgeries in Kerala & India cost above Rs. 50,000, in general. The cost depends on the type of surgery performed in the case of Gynaecomastia surgery. For Vaser surgery, the most common expense is around Rs. 90,000 in a cosmetic clinic. For grade 2B Gynaecomastia surgery, the rates start from Rs. 1 lakh and for grade 3 Gynaecomastia, the price is around 1.1 – 1.3 lakhs. The cost also revolves around the Basal Metabolic Index (BMI) of the person.


How much time is required for recovery after Gynaecomastia surgery? 

Most often, no bed rest is advised after Gynaecomastia surgery. You can move in and around your house. However, all kinds of strenuous activities such as travel are to be avoided in the first week after the surgery. Within a time period of 5 days to 1 week, the stitches in the armpit will be out. However, no stitch removal can be done for the areolar skin because the sutures are underneath the skin.


Yet, you will require a week-long use of compression garments. For the first 5 days, it’s a must-wear. Later on, it can be removed to take a shower and can be worn back after the bath. These garments are mandated for the first month after surgery is done. For Gynaecomastia of grades 2 and 3, the garments can be preferably worn during the first month of post-surgery.


Resuming work routines post-surgery

Getting back to your usual routine can be a matter of grave concern. Sometimes, patients try postponing the decision to undergo surgery while considering the time spent on bed rest. However, usually, after a week, you can resume mildly active chores.


 After 2 weeks, you can do exercise and other moderately-involving activities for other body parts. Furthermore, after 3 weeks, you can slowly begin exercises of low intensity, which doesn’t involve over-head exercises or chest muscles. 


In a month, all exercise can be resumed with comfort. Even, workouts with weights can be done. Less hectic work schedules can be resumed after 2 weeks since the surgery.


Take Good Decision With Awareness To Tackle Gynaecomastia

Often, there’s a shame surrounding people who have the condition of Gynaecomastia. So, taking a step ahead in self-care and preparing to get down with the surgery is a crucial decision. With good consulting, analyze the pros and cons under the supervision of an experienced cosmetologist. Further, motivate yourself to recover and spare your body some time to adjust and relax!


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