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Hair Fall is a problem that seemingly follows us all around our life. Hair fall and baldness are equally commonplace and worrying at the same time. Statistics say that 50% of males and females suffer from male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness at some point in their life.

Running your hand through your head and ending up with hair falling off your head is never a pleasant sight. In fact, it is one of those reasons that affect self-confidence on a global scale! Lifestyle choices, dandruff, hormonal imbalance, hereditary reasons, quality of water and materials used for washing your hair, cancer treatments, childbirth and weather are some of the main reasons for hair fall ( Alopecia ). In fact, hair fall could even happen from stressing too much about hair fall!

The wide variety in the causes itself suggests that hair fall can come at you at any point. One of the most sought after treatment techniques to fight hair fall is PRP treatment. It is a procedure that does not introduce any foreign substance into the body and as such, has minimal side effects. But how effective is PRP? Should it be combined with other treatments for better results? Let us see below.


PRP treatment stands for Platelet Rich-Plasma treatment. It is a procedure that uses your own blood for your treatment and as such does not require foreign substances. The procedure begins with drawing your blood using a syringe. That blood is then rotated in a test tube in a centrifuge or using PRP tubes specially made for the process.

During rotation, the red blood cells in your blood get separated and two layers form in the tube, one with all the RBCs accumulated in it and the other with all the White Blood Cells and the Platelets. This second portion is separated and further rotated until a layer thick with platelets and another with WBC concentration are formed. The platelet-rich portion will account for about 5% of the blood drawn from you.

This portion is drawn into small syringes and is injected into the areas where you experience hair loss. This nourishes the blood circulation in those areas and stimulates the health of your hair.

PRP Treatment Can Be Used Regardless of Gender

Since PRP does not inject medications or foreign materials into you, it can be performed on you regardless of your gender. PRP is used in combination with Minoxidil, hormonal treatment or hair transplant for better results in males.

In females, however, hair transplant is not a very common procedure. Hence, PRP can be performed with other nutritional therapies effectively.

Painless PRP Treatments are Real!

Since PRP procedures involve needles and injections, the fear of pain can be very common. But painless PRP treatments are very much possible. There are three levels to this:

  1. Numbing Cream is applied to your head to relieve the pain
  2. Cooling Machines and Vibrators are used if pain continues to exist.
  3. 2:33-2:34 is a third tire, prescribed if you still experience pain.

PRP treatment is a pain-free experience in the contemporary world and you can go ahead without any fears!


PRP Treatments are Way Quicker than You Think!

PRP treatment requires you to be present to even start its procedure but the entire process happens to be rather quick. The average total time for a PRP procedure is about one hour. Enough time for you to take a quick leave out of your work and get back into it!

Your blood is drawn and sent to the centrifuges as soon as you arrive. While the platelets are being processed, you will be prepared for the procedure with the numbing cream. 45 minutes out of the one hour is for this cream to take effect.

Once the PRP is prepared, it is injected into your head using small needles. Since the process is relatively painless, you can also leave after five to ten minutes after the procedure provided you do not develop any issues such as pain or swelling.

Results Require Continuity and Time

PRP treatment is renowned for its lack of side effects but for it to take effect, it could take some time. The recommended period for a PRP procedure to show its results is about three months.

In these three months, you must undergo four PRP sessions with a time period of three weeks between each of them. Nutritional therapy (vitamins and minerals) for your hair and skin is also recommended during this period for better results.

Additionally, if you are experiencing hair fall, you should also try and undergo treatment for that to further better your results. Hair fall and baldness are also reasons for severe confidence issues and even mental health problems. Like many other cosmetic procedures, the treatment for hair fall also has this mental side and social stigmas attached to it. Educate yourself, be physically and mentally prepared and find the happiness within you!



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