Does Liposuction Remove Fat Forever?

Dr. Bibilash Babu

Plastic And Cosmetic Surgeon

Today, the biggest challenge we face is unnecessary fat depositions in various body parts. Many people have tried revising their eating habits or incorporating activities to reduce fat from the body. Some of them even try out yoga and aerobic exercises to remove fat from specific body regions but fails in getting desired results. Such fat is often addressed as “stubborn fat”.
To help such individuals, liposuction surgery is often recommended. Liposuction is just a keyhole surgery using small metal tubes which will not leave any bigger scars on your body. In this kind of surgery, a thin layer of fat is sucked out from whichever body part that we want to tone down.

Most commonly, fat depositions are observed in the chest and abdomen areas in men. Meanwhile, women find such depositions in stomach and thigh regions. In general, among the South Indian population, even the hands and chin portions are observed to have fat deposits. Liposuction surgery focuses on tackling the stubborn fat remains of your body.

Is liposuction permanent?

It’s often a common concern among patients whether liposuction surgery is a permanent solution to address all the fat issues. They are often bothered about the need to undergo multiple back-to-back surgeries to remove fat. But, such concerns are unnecessary.


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In liposuction surgery, the fat cells in the desired region are analyzed appropriately. Once this analysis is done, the surgery is designed in such a way that a certain percentage of fat cells will be removed and relocated to bring about the desired toning in that region. For example, even if we remove 50% fat cells from the area, the remaining 50% of fat cells stay intact.

However, if the patient fails to follow a calorie-deficit diet or lacks the motivation to exercise regularly, liposuction might have skeptical results. In this case, when other body parts develop fat deposits gradually, the area that has undergone surgery also might observe more fat cell depositions. Yet, the point to remember is that such new deposits will only be caused due to the remaining 50% cells present. This is a huge advantage of liposuction surgery.

Hence, it might be misleading to state that liposuction surgery gives ever-lasting permanent results even if you follow an unhealthy lifestyle. But, the extent of newer fat deposits will be really lower.

How effective is liposuction in fat removal?

Sometimes patients are doubtful about the effectiveness of liposuction surgery. They fear that the fat may reappear as deposits.
One problem that arises due to liposuction is the thickening of the skin in region that underwent surgery. This condition is commonly known as induration of skin. Also, loose skin folds might be another challenge due to liposuction. It happens because your skin layer is lined by fat cells underneath and the removal of such fat cells will let loose the skin cells that once remained intact.

To resolve this problem, patients are often recommended to use pressure garments for at least a month post-surgery. These are elastic wears, which can be worn comfortably as inner wear. Such clothes help to distribute the loosely left skin folds throughout; shaping your body beautifully. All such issues can be easily resolved within a month’s time without much stress.

Is liposuction a complicated procedure for fat removal?

The intensity of cosmetic surgery depends on the regions that you prefer to undertake the surgery for. The same applies to liposuction surgery as well. Further, it will be based on the health profile of the patient.

Sometimes, a general anesthesia process is advised for a patient. But, almost 80-90% time, the surgery can be done smoothly without any complications. Usually, a small sedated state is only required to perform the entire surgery.



Furthermore, sucking out fat cells ranging below 3000-4000 milliliters is always a less-risky method. It’s even a safer option as well. When a skilled professional performs the entire procedure in a well-advanced medical setup, there’s no room to worry for you!

Will liposuction lower your body weight?

The primary thing to remember about liposuction surgery is that it’s not a weight loss surgery. It only improves your appearance. Liposuction is aimed to help those demotivated minds who have lost hope in redefining their looks even after elaborate workout sessions.

Sometimes, people are ready to undergo small liposuction surgeries and decide to achieve their body goals gradually through a healthy lifestyle.

The body goals after liposuction surgery

All the post-surgery care regarding how much time to spend taking care of your body and how long you should spend in the hospital depends on so many factors. These may even vary from person to person.

You might even be concerned about when you could resume your normal daily activities. If you have undergone only a small-scale liposuction surgery, – in the stomach or chest regions – you require a complete rest of only 2-3 days after surgery. After this, you can take part in moderately intense activities soon. However, heavyweights shouldn’t be taken during this time period.
With a little care, awareness, and complete analysis from an experienced doctor, liposuction surgery can be done without any hassles. Understanding its purpose stands important always. So, shape your bodies with technology-assisted methods such as liposuction and embrace your beautiful bodies!


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